Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gruesome Grocery Shopping!

Do you find grocery shopping to be gruesome?

Shopping can be a time consuming and dreaded task. In fact I have spent years attempting to take grocery shopping off my Top 10 list of Things I Don’t Want To Do This Week! My 2 Week Menu Planner & Shopping List Strategy can turn your shopping nightmare into a more pleasant experience.

Here are a few tips
1. Plan your menu for two weeks rather than one.  Using the 2 week method will cut down on your time in the grocery store.
2. Make two lists. First your main list, meats, canned goods, produce, frozen and refrigerator foods that will sustain two weeks. Second your supplemental list with dairy and produce that may not last or you may not have the space to store through the second week,
3. Put your 2nd list in your wallet for easy access at the end of week 1 or beginning of week 2.
4. Go shopping.
5. When putting your groceries away, organize the pantry and fridge in a manner that will allow you to access the products you need in the order in which you will need them.  For instance, any meat you might need for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday you would leave right in the fridge, freeze the rest.  Canned goods, stack the ones you need first in front and follow with each days behind or to the side in a manner that is most convenient for you to access.

Utilizing these tips will help you cut your Gruesome Grocery Shopping time in ½ and allow you to create more time for the pleasant things in life, spending time with your loved ones, reading a book or catching up on a mini series you have lost track of.

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